Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Heart To Heart With God

How can I love, when it hurts so much to lose

Time and time again ,I tell my heart not to

Why can I not go through life

With a heart of stone

No love given, no love shown

Heart, why don't you listen to me

I told you not to love, hurt you would be

Now you sit here broken in two

See what happened, where it got you

Yes that is true, am hurting today

But if I walk through life

Without love, am dead anyway

There would be no God up above

He would not have sent

His only begotten Son through His love

It’s true my child because of love

I sent my Son from Heaven above

It broke my heart but this, also true

I sent Him down to die for you

Without my love you are but dead

But alive again because He bled

And broken hearts He came to mend

That’s why to earth He did descend

So I know my child of great loss

As I watched my Son die on a cross

But know this my child I freely give

My Son to death that you might live

Yet through my power He arose on high

So trusting Him you would not die

I gave no heart that’s made of stone

It’s meant to love just like my own

With sorrow’s ways it will contend

It will get broken, heal and mend

To love and lose these things shall be

But your heart will always belong to me

Patricia A Moore…Colin S Moffett

May 7 2009


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