Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blood's Grace

Blood's Grace

The flowing blood turned into Grace
Covering the existence of the human race
The atonement of Jesus
For all who's lost
Reconciliation of God to man
The perfect sacrifice
When the blood ran
Saving our souls from sin and death
Salvation came and stood the test
Worthy above all
Yet He walked among men
And suffered greatly at their hands
The love He showed for mankind
Was the greatest of Love
As He hung there, dieing
The Lamb of God that was slain
Without spot or blemish
Yet He bared the pain
By His grace we are saved
On the cross was the price He paid
He conquered death an the bowels of hell
Claiming the keys
When the blood flowed around those nails
And in Him, I'll put my faith
Am standing upon Blood's Grace

2009 Patricia A Moore


Judy L Wilson said...

This is beautiful and it's all about the blood!

Patricia A Moore said...

Thank You Judy..God BLESS

Gerti's Poetry said...

This is a wonderfully written poem, Patty. By His Grace we are saved ... by His Blood we will live and never die.