Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dark Road

How do I get to where I’m going
When I’m lost from where I came
Following the directions on the map
There’s only one, that I could blame

Traveling miles of lonely highway
Destined, still searching for a sign
Circumstance going terribly wrong
In bewilderment I’ve went half blind

Looking intensely from place to place
An empty promise far as the eye did see
Nothing appeared in my shadowed sight
Except, the dark road of emotional debris

Quick was gloom to penetrate around
In darkness, feeling my own despair
Caught by hours leading to midnight
Isolated, out in the middle of nowhere.

Patricia A Moore
November 20,2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


A foretoken given by day of Light
Descending through dark of night
Gray of ash upon the crest seen
Raked over coals down between.

In the shadows, reasoning of choice
Still and silent, as one with no voice
Fire was blazing with indignation
Roaring with the cry of damnation.

Understanding has gone amiss
Devoured in this burning abyss
Judgement echoes off the mount
For all to see, I stand in account.

Friendship once stood by my side
Fled with the wind, to run and hide
Partaking not, in decisions made
Yet it was not I, who felt betrayed.

Burned out by the fan of flames
All that is left, very little remains
Like a Phoenix, state of ruin I’m in
From ashes, resurrection will begin.

Patricia A. Moore
August 24, 2010