Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Open Letter

The Open Letter

My love hath awakened me
In the mist of the night
An open letter was lying there
I held it to my breast
Love was in the air
His very presence
Radiated the whole room
Like a drink
I wanted greedily to consume
Within the letter
He professed His love
In ways I've never known
Told me He's a jealous God
To Him I belong
There will be no others
I'll fulfill your needs
And everything you say and do
You'll do as unto Me
My cloak is woven upon your heart
For Me, you'll stay true
Never more to part
At the close of the letter
Signed with His blood
Prepare, for I am coming
To claim My love
And from this dream, I did wake
The bible held to my breast
I had drifted off to sleep
After reading, Solomon's quest

2009 Patricia A Moore

My Heart Again

In the mountains
In the valleys
Pasture of green
In the lakes
In the creeks
In the littlest of things
Everywhere I looked
I saw You there
But in my heart
I needed you here
I went by the mountains
To a place below
There dear Lord
Your springs did flow
Down by the valley
Running among the hills
Your love came over me
I surrender my will
On the wings of the wind
You filled my thirst within
And returned unto me
My Heart Again.

2009 Patricia A Moore

Do You Believe In Me

What do I do now
How do I begin
When I had faith in God
To the very end
I ‘ve seen no mountains move
No sickness healed
Everything I was hoping for
Nothing was revealed
My heart cry’s out
God, how can this be
He answered me quietly
Do you believe in me
For the things that are seen
Or will you trust me
In whatever life brings
Faith is required of you this day
To believe in things not seen
Is the only way
Death has no sting
It’s not the very end
Only a small part of life
Where it truly begins
You see through a glass darkly
You do not understand
The things I have waiting
Not known by man
My heart cry’s out
God, how can this be
He answered me quietly
Do You Believe In Me

2008 Patricia A Moore

Blood's Grace

Blood's Grace

The flowing blood turned into Grace
Covering the existence of the human race
The atonement of Jesus
For all who's lost
Reconciliation of God to man
The perfect sacrifice
When the blood ran
Saving our souls from sin and death
Salvation came and stood the test
Worthy above all
Yet He walked among men
And suffered greatly at their hands
The love He showed for mankind
Was the greatest of Love
As He hung there, dieing
The Lamb of God that was slain
Without spot or blemish
Yet He bared the pain
By His grace we are saved
On the cross was the price He paid
He conquered death an the bowels of hell
Claiming the keys
When the blood flowed around those nails
And in Him, I'll put my faith
Am standing upon Blood's Grace

2009 Patricia A Moore

Milk Replacer For Our Babes

Is this what’s in our churches today
Milk replacer to feed our babes
Is this what it’s come down to
You replace God with a substitute
Feed them little sermonetts
And if there in trouble
A program they’ll get
Don’t preach to long
Don’t preach about hell
Preach a loving Gospel
And you’ll do well
Take those altars way out back
Cause you don’t have time for that
Got a get together
Right after church
Having dinner on the ground
Those women
Are the best cooks in town
Finish eating and off you go
Boy this traffic is moving slow
In a hurry, gotta get home
Missing that big game going on
Wow, just in time to see that play
Man that made the rest of your day
And you wonder what’s going on
Why their not that strong
Lets see what you fed them today
Milk replacer for our babes!

2008 Patricia A Moore

The Ruby Red Birthstone

This birthstone I wear
Within my heart
Color of ruby red
Jesus did impart

Not something seen
On the outside for show
His most precious jewel
With a inner glow

This kind of stone
Is formed only by Him
He’s the Master Refiner
Of this special gem

A stone by His blood
On the cross was made
In ruby red blood drops
Love was on display

Each drop that ran
Told of His love
It fell upon me
In the form of His blood

My life, My love
To Him I belong
I wear within my heart
The Ruby Red Birthstone

2009 Patricia A Moore

A Day Of Reckoning

Sin of sin’s
Death of death’s
Call it, for what it is
There’s nothing left

Day of reckoning
Will be to late
Last Judgment comes
You've sealed your fate

God is not mocked
You reap what you sow
For the life you lived
Do not pass go

Go directly to jail
No bondsman
No bail

On trial --For the rejection of
The Lord Jesus Christ

Verdict--Found guilty

Sentence--Pay the price

No pardon

Destination--Eternal Damnation
Clear the way
Dead man walking
Another soul lost today.

This has no fairy tale ending
And I realize the harshness of it
I was reluctant to write it
But in the end
Its reality.

2008 Patricia A Moore

Lord I Wish I Could

Lord, I wish I could tell You
I’ll do everything right
But I’ll stumble and fall
And that would become a lie

Lord, I wish I could tell You
I have not gossiped or lied
Or envied my brother
Or even despised

Lord, I wish I could tell You
I have not felt hate
Or anger and pride
Has not sat on my plate

Lord, I wish I could tell You
I’m the meekest little thing
And goodness and gentleness
Is rolling off my wings
And love, peace and joy

Follow me around
And temperance, faith
And longsuffering
In me they do abound
Lord, I wish I could !

2008 Patricia A Moore