Monday, June 8, 2009

In You Lord

In You Lord I do believe
In things I do not see
If I look at circumstance
The future seems dim
Without and chance
Of hope for tomorrow
Or even today
The sadness, heartache
Turmoil, dismay
Without You Lord
There’s no where to go
No one to turn to
Or nothing to show
But a life of emptiness
Selfishly lived
For one’s own purpose
With nothing to give
In You Lord
The hope You bring
Is in the evidence
Of things not seen
Like Abraham and Isaac too
I look for a city built by you
By faith they did believe
In a promise they did not receive
But having seen them afar off
Were persuaded and embraced them
Now we wait in accord
For that promise
In You Lord.

2008 Patricia A Moore

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Lori Laws said...

Thats good...very pretty.