Monday, June 8, 2009

Off Track

There’s only one boss
In this here land
It’s God Almighty
And in Him I’ll stand
If you’ve got a complaint
Please bring it to me
Don’t take it to the mountain
For all to see
God has seen the tears I’ve shed
Over the hurting words
That’s been said
And the sheild that I grab
Is faith you see
For the firey darts
That you send at me
The shield in one hand
The sword in the other
I go to war
BUT NOT against
Sister and brother
The misuse
Of God’s word
Should have never been
For one’s own purpose
Or to prove
That I’ve sinned
So now you’ve condemned me
To hell and back
Where does that leave us

2008 Patricia A Moore

I wrote this one for a friend of mind.
Going through a hard time..

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