Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sleep was not to be, my dearest companion at night
I played the game, toss-n-turn, my bed I did fight
Why would it evade, does not it hear my call
Am I always active, not in a dormant state at all

Waiting for its arrival ,praying please make haste
But seldom will it come,leaveing me to feel lambaste
I’m a would-be sleeper, always wishing that I could
Communication with me and sleep,sadly misunderstood

I lay on my pillow, counting cute little sheep, O’ my
Remembering the time, I use to get some shut eye
What I think I’ll do now, is pull out my dear ole gun
Start shooting those sheep, that's constantly on the run

Would not that be nice, a leg of lamb or lamb chops
Then the sheep would think twice,next time, better stop!
Dancing in the air, performing their lovely theatrical show
Was delicious tasty mutton,over and over my head they go

Although we could get along together, plenty of fine
If they would quit running, through my poor weary mind
Whosoever came up,with the idea of counting sheep
Must of lost more then enough, Good night sleep!!!

Patricia A Moore
March 28 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Shades Of The Past

Pain acknowledged, in the deep woods of the heart
Told by dredged up phases, following life’s event
Hurt harbored inward, a destroyer causes destruction
Leaving its marked victim, totally emotionally spent

Captured in the spider web, overcome to weary struggle
Relinquishing a few rights, shedding tears of the eye
Entangled by threads woven, sounds of heart spoken
As in spring waters flowing, from the mountain cry

Tall trees cast shadows of murky darkness, ominous gloom
When a forlorn feeling attempts to engulf the feeble soul
Shades of the past welter forth, Till spirit lies drenched
Abysmal misery forming an immeasurable depth of hole

Trapped in a maze ,bewildered in the deepness of woods
Asking God to lift torment to some extent, a certain degree
Trudging the blazing trail of the all consuming fiery abyss
Left to bear, yet walking with God, the path from tree to tree

Reliance totally upon God, whom also beared pain of the woods
Thoughts of whys or the wherefores are hard to understand
Anguish of rejection, physical or mental agony, death of one loved
When dealing with heart matters, in the deep woods of man.

Patricia A Moore
March 15, 2010