Monday, June 8, 2009

In The Silence I Hear You Speak

In the silence I hear you speak
Manna from Heaven
That tastes so sweet
With a still small voice
You commune with me
It is of your Word, that I do eat
It is of You, that I do drink
The words You speak
They are Spirit
And they are life unto me
I think about the twelve that day
When You ask them
Will ye also go away
Peter, answered, “You Lord..
To whom shall we go
Thou hast the Words of eternal life
And we believe and are sure
That Thou art that Christ
Lord, You’re ever before me
My heart belongs to Thee
And I will eat of Your flesh
And drink Your blood indeed
It’s manna from heaven
That tastes so sweet
in The Silence, I Hear You Speak!

St. John 6:22-71

2008 Patricia A Moore

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