Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bloom Wildflower Bloom

The harshness of winter cries out
Mountains blanketed, by snow about
Underneath in solitude, I’m found
Awaiting time to become unbound

Seasoned with shortness of day
In fading lights,momentary stay
The longest of night to attend
With bitter coldness creeping in

But once again the sun will shine
On these dormant limbs of mine
And the weariness of brown now seen
Will break forth into living green

Increase of growth from God’s degree
Maturing process, emotional intensity
Early stages set, performance arrives
Flourishing again,it’s essence revived

Secrets hidden, that lay concealed
Unfolding of, the petals revealed
Drink from spring, amount consumed
In Thou, mountain wildflower bloom

Patricia A Moore
February 4 ,2010