Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Where Is Your God..... Mother?"

11:45 P.M. : Phone call
When answering the phone
This is what was said…
“Dad let me talk to Mom” ..
The first words I heard were…
“Where is your God .. Mother?”

Where is your God .. Mother?
When I work and work
And can not make ends meet ..
Where do I go .. whom do I seek?

Where is your God … Mother?
Why is He doing this to me?
When I try to make my marriage work
And only trouble do I see.

Where is your God ….Mother?
When after talking to you the other day
I got down on my knees and started to pray
I didn’t see or hear anything ..
All I felt was only pain.

Where is your God .. Mother?
When I went to a Christian school
I get out in the world and money’s what rules
And I feel hate all around
Where is the love .. can it be found?

Where is your God ..Mother?
Please tell me Mom, I need to understand,
Why you believe in a book written by man.
Did someone tell you it was true,
Or did God come to only you?

Let me tell you my baby son
If it was not for God
That phone wouldn’t have rung
And it’s that cry in your heart today
Is why your Mother continues to pray.

Love You my baby boy..
Your Mother..

Patricia A Moore
August 2009

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