Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Milk Replacer For Our Babes

Is this what’s in our churches today
Milk replacer to feed our babes
Is this what it’s come down to
You replace God with a substitute
Feed them little sermonetts
And if there in trouble
A program they’ll get
Don’t preach to long
Don’t preach about hell
Preach a loving Gospel
And you’ll do well
Take those altars way out back
Cause you don’t have time for that
Got a get together
Right after church
Having dinner on the ground
Those women
Are the best cooks in town
Finish eating and off you go
Boy this traffic is moving slow
In a hurry, gotta get home
Missing that big game going on
Wow, just in time to see that play
Man that made the rest of your day
And you wonder what’s going on
Why their not that strong
Lets see what you fed them today
Milk replacer for our babes!

2008 Patricia A Moore

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