Thursday, August 27, 2009


Good Morning…Good Night… I sit wide awake
wondering when sleep will visit for my sake
Pondering the question running through me head
Why am I not in that bed..

Tossed and turned till I finally got up
Made a cup of coffee on which I sup
Hearing a sudden sound I turned an spin
There was Sir Colin with dimples and grin

Fair maid why didst thou not sleep
Hast thou forgotten to count the sheep
Or even raccoons in thy head
When thee lay upon thy bed

Mayst I ask the one of noble degree
How many ewes will it take me to see
Are raccoons running up yon pole
Before this answer I woudst know

I will that sugar plums were tossing in mine head
Then I woudst have sweet dreams in me stead
Shall I count backwards from hundred to 0
Then off to dreamland I shoudst go

Last night I didst fine
I went to sleep at the count of nine
Fair maid Patty thou shouldst not weep
I fell over for I talked myself to sleep
I hast come to say some words in thy ear
And dreamland for thee will soon then appear

O let it be of a kings decree
How this Irish poet didst help me
Let it be heard throughout the land
The name of the Bard is Colin Stephen..
Patricia A Moore &Colin S Moffett
August 2009

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