Friday, December 18, 2009

Star High

On my Christmas tree the star high
Glowed blissfully drawing me nigh,
The tree not adorned with silver or gold
But light that gleamed on things of old

From there I went to a place in time
Where out of the east, His star did shine
Through the darkness , while on their quest
Wise men sought Him, they were blessed

They ask whereof our sovereign King
Destiny cries out, glory of salvation sings
Lo, the star, was before them, light of love
Guidance gracefully flowing from above

Entering the dwelling of the young child
Worship took ground ,treasures compiled
From the dream my thoughts immerge nigh
Back to the Christmas tree on the STAR HIGH!

Patricia A Moore
December 18 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Strokes Of Love

When strokes of love are put upon a page,
It speaks the heart of the one portrayed.
With every brush stroke you tell a story,
Giving God Blessing, Honor and Glory.

Capturing the essence of His nature foretold,
In the harmonizing colors that start to unfold.
Movement of paint, gliding across the canvas time,
Creates a beautiful picture, heavenly designed.

Inspiration can come from most anywhere..
A child in a sandbox, or a town's old time square.
Drive in the country, a picnic at the lake..
Family gathering around for a picture to take.

Or a walk along the beach at night..
Full moon glistening off the water just right.
The soft breeze blowing through your hair..
Just God and you, in the night air.

On the palette of life, arranged and blended,
From Heaven, the pigment of color descended.
Paint strokes from God, dry brush or shading..
The beauty brought forth, always cascading.

When strokes of love are put upon a page,
It speaks the heart of the one portrayed.
The last and final painting to take place,
Is painted on the easel of God’s Grace.

Patricia A. Moore