Monday, June 8, 2009

Off Track

There’s only one boss
In this here land
It’s God Almighty
And in Him I’ll stand
If you’ve got a complaint
Please bring it to me
Don’t take it to the mountain
For all to see
God has seen the tears I’ve shed
Over the hurting words
That’s been said
And the sheild that I grab
Is faith you see
For the firey darts
That you send at me
The shield in one hand
The sword in the other
I go to war
BUT NOT against
Sister and brother
The misuse
Of God’s word
Should have never been
For one’s own purpose
Or to prove
That I’ve sinned
So now you’ve condemned me
To hell and back
Where does that leave us

2008 Patricia A Moore

I wrote this one for a friend of mind.
Going through a hard time..

The Greatest Commandment

Was it just a commandment of long ago
To love the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul
And to love thy neighbor as thyself

Are we suppose to do this today
To love the Lord in every way
And to give our neighbor a helping hand
And live God’s word on which we stand

The word of God will always remain
The commandments to us are still the same
That we must walk this very way
For we will all stand before Him on Judgment Day.

2008 Patricia A Moore

O' Ye Dry Bones

The shape I’m in
With these dry bones
I’ve been in the valley
Way too long
I’ve lost all hope
There’s nothing left
And everything around me
Is such a mess
My soul cries out
Lord God
You command the wind
Breathe upon me
That I may live again
Then you’ll hear
A shaking going on
I’ll come together
Bone to bone
On my feet I will stand
Your spirit within me
In our own land
And Your word
Will be spoken on
O’ye dry bones

2008 Patricia A Moore

Do You Come By Night

He came to him by night
Instead of day
Where no one could see Him
Or hear what he had to say
He knew He was of God
From the miracles He had done
What was it about Him
That baffled everyone
Verily, verily, I say unto thee
Except a man be born again
He cannot see
Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews
Thought about that
And became very confused
To be born again
How can that be
To enter my mother’s womb
After she had me
Jesus answered
And said unto him
Except a man be born of water
And of the Spirit
He cannot enter in
Flesh is flesh
Spirit is Spirit
Where the wind blows
You can hear it
But cannot tell
Where it comes, or
Whither it goes
We speak that we know
Told of that we’ve seen
Would it make a difference
If it were earthly or heavenly things
The Son of Man must be lifted up
To have eternal life
Do you come by day, or
Do you come by night!!

2008 Patricia A Moore

God's Only Begotten Son

When it’s all over
And all said and done
Was it for you that you did it
Or God’s only begotten Son
Did you lay your treasures down here below
Or store them in heaven as you were told
For where your treasure is
There will your heart be also
We were bought by His blood
For He paid the price
He hung on that cross as our sacrifice
The pain He endured
Was more than anyone could bare
For the sins of the world
Were upon Him as He hung there
His crown was of thorns
His blood was shed
When He said, “It is finished”
And bowed His head
Not a bone was broken
So they pierced His side
That the scripture would be fulfilled
The day Jesus died
So when it was all over
And all said and done
It was for us that he did it

2008 Patricia A Moore

God Spoke No Idle Words

God spoke no idle words
When He spoke, it was heard
What He spoke, it came about
It is the word of God,
without any doubt
For years and years
They tried to tear it down
Say it’s not of God
Or turn it around
They tried to conform it to
their foolish ways
And make it fit in their
lifestyle today
They say it is written by
just mere men
When God was the One
who instructed them
To write it in a book
Where the churches
would know
That He is Alpha
and Omega
the beginning and the end
To turn from their wicked
ways and repent of their sins
He that hath an ear
let it be heard

2008 Patricia A Moore

In The Silence I Hear You Speak

In the silence I hear you speak
Manna from Heaven
That tastes so sweet
With a still small voice
You commune with me
It is of your Word, that I do eat
It is of You, that I do drink
The words You speak
They are Spirit
And they are life unto me
I think about the twelve that day
When You ask them
Will ye also go away
Peter, answered, “You Lord..
To whom shall we go
Thou hast the Words of eternal life
And we believe and are sure
That Thou art that Christ
Lord, You’re ever before me
My heart belongs to Thee
And I will eat of Your flesh
And drink Your blood indeed
It’s manna from heaven
That tastes so sweet
in The Silence, I Hear You Speak!

St. John 6:22-71

2008 Patricia A Moore

In You Lord

In You Lord I do believe
In things I do not see
If I look at circumstance
The future seems dim
Without and chance
Of hope for tomorrow
Or even today
The sadness, heartache
Turmoil, dismay
Without You Lord
There’s no where to go
No one to turn to
Or nothing to show
But a life of emptiness
Selfishly lived
For one’s own purpose
With nothing to give
In You Lord
The hope You bring
Is in the evidence
Of things not seen
Like Abraham and Isaac too
I look for a city built by you
By faith they did believe
In a promise they did not receive
But having seen them afar off
Were persuaded and embraced them
Now we wait in accord
For that promise
In You Lord.

2008 Patricia A Moore

Jacob's Dream

The ladder stretched forth
From earth to heaven
Between God and man
For the angels of God
Did ascend and descend
You see this come to pass
In Matthew and Luke when
They write of the genealogy
Jesus came through
A promise fulfilled
The birth of Jesus
Our Savior and King
God had given in
Jacob’s Dream

2008 Patricia A Moore


There’s a mystery behind
This unusual flower
That comes forth
During the moonlight hour

Blooming to the lesser light
This beautiful white blossom
That came to me at night

The voice of my Beloved knocks
A sweet smelling scent from Thee
Saying, open my love
Come sup with Me

Then by the break of dawn
He closes the Door
The beauty is gone

2008 Patricia A Moore

Deep Within

I was found in the Ozarks
By a woman and man
Who turned me into
The lamp that I am

Some might have seen me
As an old dead limb
No good for nothing but
The burn pile to them

The couple looked at me
In such a way
The outer layers didn’t
Matter that day

What they were looking for
Was deep within
Is the heart still good
Can it be used again

Was there anything left
Of this old tree
Was I too far gone
Was this the end of me

They work and work
With their loving hands
And found the beautiful
Heart that was
Deep Within

2008 Patricia A Moore