Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wildflowers Heart Of Gold

Customs of community, social behavior, unmet
Uncultivated flower, civilized, not as yet
There truth be told, she's merely a weed
Insidiously she’ll produce treacherous seed

The rose, the lily, ones of upper class, high prestige
Take preference over her and therefore precede
Forbidden to attend such a formal garden estate
In the wild you can feast upon her golden plate

Comely to some, but outcast, in the eyes of elite
Due to their exalted standards she does not meet
Gathering her bedding amongst the lower class
Happiness, contentment exceeds, expectations surpass

Her position carries not reign upon pedestals high
Nor does she seek exaltation in the platinum sky
Illuminations of life, destiny cries as a silvery lake
A silhouette, shadow brought forth by light to make

Beauty rides down the path on chariots of love
Grain of sand, a pearl forms, grayish white sphere of
Whispers in the cross winds of riches untold
Found lying beneath, in Wildflower's Heart Of Gold

Patricia A Moore
July 24 2010

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