Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sweet Angel

Eddie ( Tater ) Salsbury

The Lord sent an angel,one special as can be
The Lord sent an angel,reaching out unto me
Filling my weary days and long lonely nights
Caring for this angel was generosity's delight

A touch of innocence,long forgotten by the world
Prominence of no importance,violently hurled
A heart professing purity,sounding truth thereof
The Lord sent a sweet angel,special,for me to love

Animosity gains no footage on this precious ground
Only a poetic journey of mystery,hereto is found
Corruption takes not place within the mind of thee
My sweet angel,my sweet angel,the Lord sent to me

Cherished moments brought forth by Unconditional love
Instantly beckon's us,to grasp the significance,of
As the butterfly is taken captive,by setting of net
So be that beautiful moment when serenity is met

One of life’s greatest treasures,heavenly bestowed
A fortress of God’s beauty,he gave privilege to hold
Although of,the essence of time,there is no guarantee
I’ll love that sweet angel,that sweet angel,sent to me.

Patricia A Moore
December 28 2009

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