Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Open Letter

The Open Letter

My love hath awakened me
In the mist of the night
An open letter was lying there
I held it to my breast
Love was in the air
His very presence
Radiated the whole room
Like a drink
I wanted greedily to consume
Within the letter
He professed His love
In ways I've never known
Told me He's a jealous God
To Him I belong
There will be no others
I'll fulfill your needs
And everything you say and do
You'll do as unto Me
My cloak is woven upon your heart
For Me, you'll stay true
Never more to part
At the close of the letter
Signed with His blood
Prepare, for I am coming
To claim My love
And from this dream, I did wake
The bible held to my breast
I had drifted off to sleep
After reading, Solomon's quest

2009 Patricia A Moore

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Anonymous said...

good poem, like it very much.. jody...