Monday, October 5, 2009

My Mountain Wildflower By Patricia A Moore & Colin S Moffett

I guild the Lily of the valley green
Dress the rose with beauty seen
I walk the mountains and the fields
Viewing the hedgerows and see what yields

From seed that was sprinkled from my word
To see who blooms for me the Lord
Whether fallow ground or rocky place
Thou shalt bloom there by my grace

I see you wildflower in the sun of day
Your beauty will add to my bouquet
Or wouldst of me might you ask
Why grow I here, its a difficult task

Why is it so that I am found
Among tall grass and weeds around
Yet of my nectar the humming birds take
Thou hast me here to hunger slake

Yes I have you on the mountain terrain
Or full of blossoms down a country lane
Swaying gently in the wind that blows
Where soft your fragrance lingering flows

For I have planted you where you be
Though the air of simplicity envelops thee
Humble and of glory taking no degree
Yet your petals are used of me

I need the rose and lily too
Dear mountain wildflower also you
To speak of me and show my glory
Every flower I plant tells my story

Then I’ll come some glorious day
To gather up my own bouquet
Roses, lilies help make up the bower
Along with you my Mountain Wildflower

Colin S Moffett & Patricia A Moore
September 7 2009